GRSP Student Perspectives
Broadening Horizons, Enjoying Southern Hospitality

by Zoe June Hopper, England, Class of 2018-19, Clayton State University... sponsored by Lake Spivey/Clayton County and Henry County

I don't know how I can sum up this truly amazing and unforgettable year in just one page but I'm going to try!

I know everyone says that the best part about GRSP is the friends you make but that's because it's true! I've had wonderful times on the GRSP weekends away where all 46 of us students got to spend time together and I've learnt so much about the world and really how similar we all are to each other. I know I've now got friends around the world and I can't wait for the adventures I know I'll have in the future with the special people I've met.

I have been living in the suburbs of Atlanta and attending Clayton State University where I've definitely made the most of my first experience of college. Spending time with my roommates who have become some of my best friends, I've learned about modern American culture and their perspective on worldwide politics through classes in US government and global issues. I've loved living in the city, being close to stadiums for concerts and football games, and to museums, theatres and restaurants with any kind of food you could ever want from classic American Diners and fast food to Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai - you name it, it's in Atlanta! I feel this year has given me so much valuable life experience, making me more independent and improving my confidence in presenting and talking with new people and most importantly, teaching me to take advantage of all opportunities given to me.

I have been so lucky with my lovely host families who invited me into their homes and made sure I know I always have a place to go to or someone to speak to. By spending weekends and holidays with them at Thanksgiving and Christmas I really felt like a part of the family. I've shared in meetings and activities with my greater "family" of wonderful Rotarians in my host clubs of Clayton County and Lake Spivey and Henry County. So many have welcomed me with open arms to join them for dinner, to transport me around and given me such memorable experiences - I have truly discovered just what "southern hospitality" is.

Thank y'all for an amazing year!

Posted by Lynn Clarke
December 5, 2019


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