Thomasville Rotary Club Pivots in the Face of the Pandemic

Pop Up Service Project and Service Above Self In Action

Even before the most recent directives from U.S. health officials and the White House made it clear that gathering our members for weekly meetings would be impossible, our Board of Directors was considering options to safeguard the health and well-being of our 140+ members… especially those who are among the most vulnerable demographic. So, when the directive came down restricting gathering in groups of more than 10 people, our Board was ready with a plan to keep Rotary alive in Thomasville, GA.

There were two key parts to our plan. First, we would begin holding virtual meetings until such time that the risk of spreading the disease subsides and it safe to resume live meetings. We will broadcast our meetings online via Zoom. The second part of our plan was to make sure that we checked in with each of our members. Our membership roll was divided among our directors and officers, and within a two-day period, every Thomasville Rotarian received a courtesy wellness call. In these calls, we made sure that members were aware of our plans to broadcast meetings online and that they had in their possession all of the information they needed concerning COVID-19 (CDC and government-provided information as well as information from our local hospital’s website related to testing sites and procedures). In cases where a member expressed a specific need, our Board committed to getting help for that member. Finally, we used the calls as an opportunity to receive from members updated personal contact information.

Each of our members – young and old alike – appreciated being checked on and expressed gratitude for the genuine concern shown by their fellow Rotarians. Like most awesome Rotarians, many expressed a desire to step up and help as we needed! We also held our first online club meeting successfully and inducted our three approved members! This experience has taught us that there is more than one way to “do” Rotary and reminded us that the backbone of Rotary is a positive attitude and a strong conviction to Service Above Self.

All Club Meetings and the Rotary Board of Directors Meeting (Tuesday the 24th at 5:30) will be Online Now Via Zoom.

Email kimberlywalden@gmail.com for the link.

The Rotary International Convention, District Training and all Service Projects Have Been Cancelled Until Further Notice.

Posted by Michael Bixler
March 21, 2020


Posted by Erica Ramsey-Bowen
Rotary Club of East Cobb
March 24, 2020 10:45am

Wonderful and thoughtful measures to remain “of service” both within and without your club in these uncertain times! This is inspiring!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Erica Ramsey-Bowen

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